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National Scenic Byways
A great place for info on great roads to ride in the U.S. and it is FREE. Well not exactly.. Our taxes paid the Federal Highway Administration to do it for us.

anderson leather braiding
Welcome to my braided leather web site. This is a one person owner/operation. I have been braiding leather goods in Northern Minnesota since 1972. I make a variety of things, but certainly not just anything. Everything in here is truly handmade, no electricity is used in its construction. Patterns that I have made are laid out and traced, holes are punched one at a time, laces cut and then it is braided together. Any sewing used is done by hand. Handbags have been my "bread and butter" over the years. Initially I sold my goods at art fairs, then to craft shops, but now I do mostly custom work.
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Murphy''s Law By four Speed
Murphy''s Law By four Speed

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